This Week: GI Distress, Post-Run Recovery, Polar FootPod

Running Brief

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Top Headlines

Research on Gastrointestinal Problems During Running and What You Should Do About It

A look into the research to find out if GI problems can be predicted or avoided. Runners Connect

How to Prevent Post-Race Colds and Illnesses

Why does running a half or full marathon increase susceptibility to colds? International Association of Women Runners

What’s the best post-run recovery techniques?

Interview with Mario Fraioli about injury prevention, how to optimize recovery after hard workouts, and the difference between soreness, fatigue, and pain. Strength Running

Strength Training Tips for Trail Runners

Strength training exercises specific for trail runners. Brooks

Electrolytes for Runners: A Complete Guide

As a runner you likely know that electrolytes are critical to your performance. But what you may be wondering when should you consume them and in what quantity. Runner Academy

How to Run Hills Like a Champ, Phase 1

Running hills takes practice, and it takes the right approach. Coach Caleb

What to Pack in Your Race Bag

It’s easy to forget things you need on race morning. These suggestions will ensure your bag is organized, and you’re ready to run. Active

Mary Cain Sets New 800m Record

Mary Cain continues to take down American records. Competitor

Training & Nutrition

Running economy: Forefoot vs Rearfoot striking

It now appears from the most recent data that there is probably no difference in running economy between barefoot or minimalist running and traditional shoe running. Run Research Junkie

How to Motivate Yourself During Intense and Monotonous Weeks of Marathon Training?

Staying motivated during training is a challenge for beginners and the most experienced runners alike. Runners Connect

Gear Announcements & Reviews

Under Armour Toxic Six

Under Armour continues their move into natural running motion. Natural Running Center

Polar Bluetooth Smart Stride Sensor (Footpod) In-Depth Review

DC Rainmaker

Best Sport Earbuds on Market? Silicone Tips ‘Lock’ into Ear

A look at Yurbuds newest product offering. Gear Junkie

Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Review


Top Items From Last Week

Running Myth- It’s Too Hot to Run

How and Why Should You Strengthen Your Hip Abductors

Are You Running Too Fast During Training?

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